Labour Hire/Temping

Candidates are released to the client on an hourly award rate as per need of the work required.


Direct Employment

Candidates are hired directly into roles through RAW Recruitment. RAW provides six months of one-on-one mentoring.


Traineeships and Apprenticeships

RAW as a GTO have the right relationships and partnerships with industry to provide Nationally accredited vocational skills development


Cultural Awareness Strategy and Training


Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Development and Audits


Aboriginal Employment Strategy

Establishment of a culturally inclusive and responsive Aboriginal Employment Strategy and or Program Recruitment Strategy and assistance tailored to the needs of the client.


On the job Mentoring

RAW provide Aboriginal mentors for one-on-one mentoring as part of all RAW staffing services. We can also tailor a mentoring program to meet the needs of the business.


Pre-Employment Training

RAW provide Industry recognised pre-employment training and can tailor a package to suit the needs of any business requiring pre-employment training for Health, Administration and Retail.

Pre-employment training will provide Aboriginal candidates the entry level skill set required to meet industry needs.


Corporate and Government Advisory

RAW offers a range of Aboriginal corporate and government advisory services such as governance, community engagement, consultation, Aboriginal policy, program design and implementation, facilitation, Aboriginal business investment.